The Soul Sanctified Catholic Wisdom On The Way of Salvation (Used)

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Based on famous considerations from the writings of the Saints, The Soul Sanctified consists of over 90 short meditational chapters of 2 to 5 pages each- on the enteral truths of the Faith we all should keep before our minds during our pilgrimage through life. Written purposely to be picked up at any time and to be read at any place that interest the reader, the book is unique in it's character of being an ever-ready source of instruction,inspiration, encouragement, motivation, and hope. Uncompromising in its Catholic stance, it is at once easy to understand yet profound in its message,being filled with supporting quotes from Sacred Scripture. It is therefore a book ideally suited to everyone and one that you will want to pick up again and again, both to read and re-read. It is a book to help sanctify your soul a little each day along the way of salvation.